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The Core of your Clinical Research & Innovations

Physician Owned     |     Physician Managed

We facilitate our clients to accomplish their goals by surpassing their expectations in a timely manner. Our high enrolling sites work with a database that totals over 1 million subjects, and growing daily.

Increased Representation

With our Latin American community increasing daily, CliniCore is responding to the need for clinical research for future pharmaceutical development.

Prepared & Experienced in all Phases

CliniCore is prepared with fully equiped Intra-Venous Suites, modern medical offices and actively used Operating Rooms to serve any and all invasive procedures.

Subject Participation

Our Sites and Physicians have a working database totaling over 1 million participants, and growing daily.

Focused Research

Deploy your research or medical device with any of our Specialty Investigators.

With NO outsourcing, CliniCore is able to provide better patient care, less costly procedures and achieve faster results. 

Therapeutic Areas




  Internal Medicine

  Wound Management




Additional Services

  Biobanking - Human Genomes

  Stem Cell Therapy - Application & Depository

  Central Laboratory

  Central Imaging

  IV Infusion Therapy

  All Ambulatory Surgical Procedures

  Overnight Stay Capabilities


All of CliniCore’s processes are designed to reduce costs for developing new medicines on a shorter timeline. 


Our Clinics are prepared for In-Patient & Out-Patient Procedures.


CliniCore's Highly Rated Facilities


All Phases of Clinical Research


Biotechnology Innovations


Medical Devices


 Infusion Suites  |  Operating Rooms  |  Private Consultations

3-D Mammography  |  CT Imaging  |  XRay Imaging

All Laboratories  |  Genomics  |  Bio-Banking

Genomics  |  Imaging (CT and XRay)


CliniCore Corporate Offices

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